Matching Your Bridesmaids with the Perfect Gift

Bridesmaid gifts are super important.  Your girls are not just standing by your side on the big day.  They are doting on you at your bridal shower,  cheering you on at your bachelorette party and day in and out support when it comes to planning.  It's important to show them your appreciation at your rehearsal event before the big day, and we're here to help you think through it.  

What makes a good gift? 

It's helpful to give your bridesmaids jewelry they will wear for your big day, something to get ready in and a little surprise.  At Girl Meets Party, you know we're about the little details and making everyone feel special.  


With that, we think of mix and match of jewelry that's personal to your besties is the way to go.  One of our favorites?  A roman numeral necklace for any of your engaged or married maids with their anniversary date.  The Etsy shop, ShopBellsNWhistles, has great options in silver, gold and rose gold.  

Roman Numeral.jpg


You want your girls to be comfortable while they're with you primping for the big day.  Plus, it's fun to get a few photos of you all in your cute clothes.  When it comes to apparel, there's tons of options from silk robes to monogram robes to oversized dress shirts or even pajamas.  One of our all time favorites is the Plum Pretty Sugar line.  If Plum Pretty Sugar is outside your budget, there are tons of great options on Etsy, like DesignWithinYou.  Make sure you give yourself at least 2 months if you're monogramming anything!

A little something extra

It's fun to give your maids a little goodie bag of extras with their gifts.  Snacks to nibble on during the day, nail polish to touch up a manicure, bling wipes for their jewelry or even a little pocket mirror.  Paper Source is full of fun trinkets that can fill up a goodie bag.  Kate Spade is another one of our favorites.  Putting three or 4 little items into a baggie is perfect.  For the picture above, we used ribbon with baggies from Amazon.  No matter what you pick, as long as you have your girls in mind, they'll be so happy and appreciative.  

Good luck, and happy planning!

Yours truly,