Spotlight: Ashland Addison Florist

Weddings are about coming together. We love seeing family, friends and loved ones come out to celebrate someone’s big day almost as much as we love helping those big days come together. We firmly believe that trust and personalization are two key aspects that every area of a wedding must have. That’s why we love Ashland Addison Florist Co. because of the quality, freshness and value that this family-owned business brings to each customer. 

Since its founding in 1932, the company has been finding new and innovative ways to carry on the legacy that S. Roy Sheffield left behind. Ashland Addison features the freshest flowers imported direct from growers worldwide. They offer 24-hour phone assistance and ordering and same day delivery to Chicago and over 150 surrounding suburbs for orders place by 10:30am. With retail locations in both the city and the Chicago land suburbs, deliveries occur throughout the day to ensure your party needs are met on time. 

Ashland Addison not only attends to the details of your event but also ensures the flowers are top-notch and always fresh. From farm fresh roses to finest tropical flowers from Thailand and Hawaii, Ashland Addison takes its service to the next level to ensure that they find the perfect bouquet for your special occasion. 

Why It Works

At Ashland Addison, the team works tirelessly to cater to your wants and desires. Not only that but their expertise and direct from farm purchasing allows you to get the best value for your dollar.  Ashland Addison prides itself on operating with the best quality and service since 1932 currently with third and fourth generation family members. At Ashland Addison, you’re part of the family. 

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Cheers to being part of the family,