The Do's & Don'ts of Wedding Registries

With so many options, where do you begin with your registry?  What do you really need, and what's the proper priced items?  We're here to help today with the top 3 do's and don'ts to registering so you get exactly what you want (and need) when the parties kick-off!

Do: Pick 2-3 places to register and keep it simple.  

We recommend picking one store for kitchen goods, one store for home goods & premium items and one for a honeymoon registry.   Ideally one is more mainstream that it's to shop in-store or online like Crate & Barrel.

Don't: Wait too long to get started

We highly recommend starting your registries shortly after you're engaged.  People will start sending gifts just after you pop the question so starting a registry at one easy location with about 20 items is a great idea.  

Spun glass hurricanes from Crate & Barrel

Spun glass hurricanes from Crate & Barrel

Do: Register for a wide variety of price points

You will have events that will range from engagement party to showers to the actual wedding.  Having a wide variety of price points for your guests to choose from is key to making it easy for them.  Plus, you may have a few people who may not be attending the wedding that will want to send a little something as well.  Plan to register for 2 items per number of guests invited to your wedding.  We recommend having a handful of higher-priced dream items in the $200+ range (KitchenAid Mixer, we're talking to you), 20% in the $100-200 range, 40% in the $50-$100 range), 20% in the $25-50 range and no more than 10% in the less than $25 range.   Most guests for pre-wedding events will shop in the $50-$100 range for a gift so it's important to have the most gifts within that range.  

Don't: Register for personal items like clothing or beauty products

As much as you may really need it, it's inappropriate to register for clothing, shoes or beauty products.  As a friendly reminder, this isn't a birthday or holiday list, it's a wedding registry.  Wedding registries are intended for nest-building items to get you and your soon-to-be forever date settled together.  

Do:  Wait to use gifts until after the wedding

Aside from the fun tradition of it, it's appropriate to wait until after the wedding to use any gifts.  Heaven forbid something happens and the wedding no longer takes place, rule of thumb is all gifts must be returned.   You should still send thank you notes within 30 days of any pre-wedding events and within 90 days of the wedding.  

Don't: Ask for money

If you prefer money over gifts, register for only a handful of items for the super traditional guests.  You can also register at one location and allow gift cards.  Guests feel great about because they're still getting you something, and it works for you because you can use the money towards furniture or higher priced items you may need for your home.  You can also skip the registry altogether and hope guests get it, but chances are you'll get a handful of items that you don't particularly want.