Personalizing with Champagne Labels

Little touches make all the difference when creating an event.  One of our favorite items for showers, bachelorette parties and, of course, weddings.  Champagne labels are a great way to enhance your theme and tie in with your invitations.  Plus, they make a great favor for your guests!  

Bridal Events

One of our favorite shops is LabelWithLove.  Cyra & Andrea, the shop owners are amazing to work with on designs!  They have so many great designs to choose from and are also able to create custom designs.  As pictured above, you can see how quickly the labels create a unique theme and feel that can be used at bridal showers, engagement parties and bachelorettes.  Plus, they make an awesome keepsake for the bride & groom!  


Champagne and wine labels are also a unique way to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding party or thank your in-laws for their support during the engagement.  From a guest perspective, they're a great gift to the bride & groom celebrating their engagement, future milestones or anniversaries.  Gardenia Labels is another GMP favorite.  Working with Kate is lovely as are her plethora of designs.  Kate is super creative & helpful.  She's always willing to go above and beyond to make your look come to life.  


With all the components that go into a wedding, wine and champagne labels are the perfect touch.  Labels are the perfect touch for a rehearsal dinner to personalize without going overboard.  They're also a functional and adorable way to do table numbers for your reception, as pictured above by Gardenia Labels.  

Lastly, champagne labels can serve as the perfect favor for your guests.  As pictured above from Dabble Me This, the labels not only help to tie to the wedding invitation and overall wedding decor, but they act as a favor and place card for guests.  Being able to utilize decor that serves multiple purposes is a great budget saver when it comes to wedding planning.  

Adhering the Labels 

The most important part is getting seamless label onto your wine, champagne or mini champagne bottle.  After creating these several times, we finally cracked the code.  In order to soak the labels off properly, you'll need OxiClean and Goo Gone.  OxiClean is your new best friend, we promise!  You can purchase OxiClean and Goo Gone directly from Amazon.  The OxiClean package is perfect, too, because it comes with a great scoop.  And let's be real, we don't have pictures of them here because they're not the cutest products, but they certainly get the job done.  

In order to soak the labels off easily, you'll want to use at least three scoops of OxiClean and fill your kitchen sink with super hot water.  The water should be slightly cloudy with a few suds, similar to a post from The Busy Budgeter.  Let the soak for at least 30 minutes or until the water cools down.  Many of the labels will fall off automatically, but for the ones that don't, peel them off very slowly.  Be patient because once you rip the label, it's a bit hairy to get it fully off.  

Once you get the labels off, dip a paper towel in the OxiClean water and wipe down the bottles.  This will clean them off.  Dry the bottles completely and apply your labels.  Depending on the designer, they'll send you an application recommendation, but most operate just like a sticker.  We recommend adhering the center of the label to the bottle.  Then, very slowly, start to peel the paper off the label smoothing it down onto the bottle ensuring that you smooth out any air bubbles.  

Last but not least, we love to polish the final product with Goo Gone.  It gives the bottles a really nice shine to make it look super professional.  We'd love to hear more about your experience below!