Match Made in Heaven

Playing matchmaker requires you to be socially savvy, have the ability to listen (bonus for good timing), know your matchees habits, passions and interests and be able to capitalize on a spark when you even the couple might be unaware. You, the matchmaker, should know your next move (and your second and third) in order to help create a happily ever after.

So what does matchmaking have to do with Girl Meets Party? Well, that's simple. We're matchmakers (sorta). We like to think of ourselves as 21st century bride planning matchmakers who help guide you to your big day by pairing you up with the perfect vendors. 

Here at GMP, we pride ourselves on being personal (as any good matchmaker should). So, we want to get to know you and from there, we help you narrow down the search for a vendor - whether that be a florist, DJ, band, hair/make-up, etc. We've got you covered in more ways than one. 

Since we love getting to know you, we've decided to dedicate this day to letting you get to know us (and our process). 

Photo compliments of The Everygirl

Photo compliments of The Everygirl

What We Do

Besides being a group of three fabulous and classy women, GMP is wedding planning done different. As a modern day bride, we want you to have flexible solutions when it comes to organizing and ensuring your big day is as special as you are. So that's why when it comes to GMP think of us as that gal pal who is perfectly poised and knows all the cool spots in town. Grab coffee or lunch with us sometime and we can sit down and chat. We promise you'll love us (or at least we hope). 

After we get to know you, we set out to find the top three vendors in the category of your choice. We make sure your date is reserved, give you a chance to communicate with the vendor and get a feel for which florist/DJ/photographer is right for you. Think of us as an outside third party who is always there to listen, give personal feedback and guide you through the process of signing and dating on the doted line. We want to hear your thoughts and we'll be more than happy to share ours. Our end goal is simple: create an experience you won't forget and leave you feeling satisfied and stress free. 

Who We Are

Behind the scenes at GMP are three essential components. Unlike an online dating service, we're millennials who are passionate about what we do and are on a mission to improve not only GMP but how people plan parties.  

Jen is our founder and lead strategist when it comes to all things wedding and GMP. When she's not posting to Instagram or emailing brides, you can find Jen taking Saturday morning runs to the farmers market with her husband or participating in her monthly cooking club with friends. Catch her taking evening walks in her Chicago, Lincoln Park neighborhood or grabbing a sweet treat at Sweet Mandy B's. Jen is all things GMP and her passion for creating new things is what led to this business even starting. Jen is that gal pal you can turn to at all times and even when you don't know the answer, Jen is probably there to fill you in on the need-to-knows. 

Caroline is our brand marketing intern who came to GMP looking for a creative outlet to deepen her writing skills and learn more about brand development. When she's not running the blog, you can find Caroline exploring the city or eating hot dogs at Wrigley Field (don't be fooled she's a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan). As a rising senior at DePaul University, Caroline loves to learn and is constantly looking for new things to get involved with. For Caroline, GMP is new concept but she has loved learning about weddings and the industry. She hopes to one day go in to the lifestyle public relations field and even work for a large publication or magazine!

Suree is our brand marketing intern who has a special interest in ever-changing environments which is what brought her to GMP's doorstep. When she's not running the Facebook (or being GMP's tech queen), you can catch Suree exploring Chicago, trying new restaurants or taking in the sights and sounds of live theatre. As a rising junior at DePaul University, Suree loves brand management and creative new ideas. For Suree, GMP is a completely unique startup that embraces her passion for new ideas and love for learning and striving towards a new goal. In the future, Suree hopes to work in brand management for a tech firm or a beauty cooperation - total opposites but they're both fields that are super dynamic and perfectly encompass Suree's style

So, that's GMP in a nutshell. Feel free to contact us at any time if you think we'd be the right fit to help plan your wedding. We love meeting new people, so if it's a friend you're looking to chat wedding stuff about, we would love to get to know you. So, let's raise a toast on National Matchmaker Day and cheers to GMP and all that we have in store.