Celebrating the Best of Summer

At Girl Meets Party, we love dinner parties, but our founder, Jen, well she's obsessed with them.  To toast to the end of the season, Jen gathered her college friends around her dining room table for a 'Celebrate the Best of Summer' and sip some rosé.  

We know the key to a great dinner party is a decked out table, great food and a super yummy drink.  Now, let's be honest, it can be a lot of work having people over, which is why planning is key.  We highly recommend setting the table several days in advance.   Anything you can do before the dinner party makes the day significantly easier.  

Then set the menu.  And we say set the menu, we mean plan it out and design one of course!  Jen in particular loves to work with Paper Source's A7 paper.  You can create a simple template in an Microsoft program and print to scale.  


For the menu, we planned a peach caprese grilled chicken, grilled corn with basil butter, garlic roasted carrots & wavy flag cake for dessert.   It's super easy to make the corn & carrots in advance.  We also highly recommend making the cake layers in advance and then assembling day of the party.  The chicken is best to cook just before the party.  My other trick - empty the dishwasher just before your guests arrive.  It makes for the easiest clean up.  Needless to say it was delicious and the girls had the best time!